Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Random One . (:

whoaaa , this blog seems so dead these days uh .
because twin sister and I were busy due to the stupidexamweek ! ):

well ,


ciao ! ;D

by ,
leesookwen .

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Date night (:

I want to RANDOMLY post a post abt ytd (: I know that doesnt make sense but who cares? :P
Well, the f4 qm's planned to go mv to watch a movie and its actually a celebration of me, tze wei, sue may, sook wen etc etc anniversary :D
First, went to sch for saringan training in the morning and the guys were playing basketball..
All of us bathed in sch then we headed to mv and took the tickets that we booked (:
Went to the food court to eat lunch.. The boys kept bullying me D:
Ohh well, boys will be boys (:
After that was movie time! :D Went to watch date movie :P
That movie was actually 18PL so we decided to pair up girl and boy, 2 by 2 going in..
Everyone managed to go in and guess what? Until me and carson's turn, they wanna check our ic ==
Its all that guy's fault oOo I dun even know why would they put it 18 ==
Anyway, we all decided to switch with other ppl's tickets so that we can go in and then switch back those tickets :D
And luckily, we made it in :D Thanks to those aunty and uncle (:
Watched the movie and the movie is damn freaking hilarious i tell you! :D
Still talking abt it after the movie xD
And so, decided to go to T.G.I Fridays to yam cha :D
On the way there, everybody keep bullying me )': Especially wai kin -.-
Purposely pass all my stuff to HIM ==
Ohh well, what the heck (:
OHH! Guess who we saw at Fridays? Pang Ee Wenn xD
She dind't even bother to say hi to us, instead she quickly bows down her head and hides behind her friend as if we cant see her -.-
Then we purposely sing bday song for kahsing coz we wanted the free slice of cake that they give but epic FAILED D:
Ohh well (: Took group pics :D
And then we decided to call it a day (:
Wai kin, tze wei, sue may, jia pei and sze huey want to tumpang my car home.
Wai kin suddenly realize that he's the only guy following us xD Serve him right :x
Daddy havent reach yet so we decided to go toilet. Waikin actually followed us to toilet and realize he's not a girl! xD
Damn funny, he has to wait all alone outside the toilet for all of us :P
After that, went hang kai for a while... Wai kin was soo fui xD
So we purposely help him see clothes.. HAHAHA! :P
When daddy came, he sat in front of the car and my dad was like ONLY ONE BOY? xD
Then we all took him as our new official JI MUI :D
On the way back, dad asked me whether wai kin got gf anot..
Everyone was like shaking their heads and say YES YES YES while waiking was like NO NO NO xD
Ohh well, he was the last to go home :P
Then sze huey followed me home and we gossiped a little :x
Had an awesome day with all of them <3

va val YEOH

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Once a QM, always a QM :D

I think the blog is dead alrd since me and twin sis had been super busy these few weeks..
Just finished sukan tara recently and i must say JOB WELL DONE everyone! :D
I was under lompat jauh and sadly, i wasnt the ketua or p.ketua but kah jo and nicholas treat me like i'm ketua :D
HAH! Was damn happy to finally do what i've always wanted to do xD
Thank you Kah Jo and Nic! :D You guys are awesome! :P
My job was basically everything since i was given the job xD
Something bad happened :O And everyone was super pissed about it including me..
I just hate those ppl.. They have nth better to do ==
Well, the prob was solved but there's still more to come, so ppl..
Get your gears ready :x
Yumey also came bck to see us! :D And again, she forget to bring my qm shirt... Instead she brought hers ):
I had to wear the same qm shirt for 5 straight days, how sad D:
Oh well, that's life i suppose (: Nothing else to say, so ciaoz! ;)

P.S: Go get a life will ya? ==

val val YEOH

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hi! You're OLD :P

Well well well, its been a few days since holiday started but it still seems soo lifeless ==
Anyway, went to the gardens at mv ytd to celebrate my so-called-husband's birthday! :D
Went to T.G.I Fridays to meet up with may loo, kar kei and max...
Soon, Ning came and we planned to fool jia pei by telling her that only me, sw and huey made it while may loo they all cant..
Shocked that she actually believed :O
HAHA! Anyway, ate lunch there and took some pics...
And we also sang birthday song, cut the cake and again.. Take some group pics (:
Overall, jia pei was touched but unfortunately, no tears were seen xD

Well, fox sis and tze wei were suppose to come for the movie marathon but sadly jiaern was sick D:
So canceled it last minute but sue may came :D :D
And so we had our super hardcore jamming sessions.. TEEHEE! :P
We friggin ROCK-ED THE HOUSE! Yeahh baybeh! xD
AHHHHHH.. Loved it (:
Managed to show her my super random song i composed.. HAHA! Sounds retarded :P
OH!! And i got to learn how to play "Remembering Sunday" <3
That song is AWESOME i tell you (Y)! :D
Overall it was fantastic! :P
Too bad Jiaern never come, or else things would be different ):
Ohh well, maybe this sunday i'll go to her hse :D
Hopefully she's free on that day :P
OOPSSS! Before i forget, Happy belated birthday my dear husband a.k.a Jia pei :D
You know what they say, YOU'RE TURNING OLDER :D
And now, we're even :P

val val YEOH

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello World ! (:

HEY YO ! x)
i'm back i'm back ! ;D
finally it's holidays weih ! i guess i need to sleep as much as i can .
i somehow lost my sleep time due to the stupid exam week . x)
but now , everything is over ! =DD
every subjects were like , all structure questions , first time doing it and made me seriously paranoid .
ehehehe , whatever laah , exams are over now .

well , i guess 2010 is not the year for me .
brother and sister moved out , so now i'm all alone in the house with my parents .
how i wish that life could be rewind , then i didn't need to worry about anything .
i used to feel so great , telling them my lifetime stories , no matter how down i was , talking to them made me feel better .
but now , i started to feel anxious , perhaps talking to the wall is better than keeping it all to myself ? i don't know .
i used to laugh alot in the house , i guess many of my neighborhoods would hear that .
but now ? i seldom laugh , i seldom talk .
everything changed , just in a second .
how i wish that , they can move back and stay with me again , but i know that's already impossible .
i'm trying to accept it , like what my parents told me .
it has been already 2 weeks they've moved out , and i still can't get over it .
it still hurts me alot , it still bothering me .
they sayang me for 16 years , then now , they're kinda gone like this .
you say laah , sad or not ?! ;(

haihhhhh .
anyways , happy holidays people ! ENJOY !

i miss youuuuu . x)
by ,
leesookwen .

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Best Friends Forever :D

Yes yes.. I know i should be studying for exams right now but i need to say something really awesome :D
I wanna thank YOUNG TZE WEI for giving me such an awesome present and a super awesome bday card that almost make me cry (':
I don't care how crappy you think the card is.. But to me, giving me something so meaningful is alrd more than enough for me :D
I know i'm alrd very OLD, haha! xD But sooner or later you're gonna be as OLD as me, teehee! :D :D :D
Well, i alrd posted the story of how our friendship began on fb (:
But i wanna say it here again! :D
Okayy, i rmb there was one particular day when the teacher asked all of us to colour some drawings and i don't have any colour pencils ):
You were sitting right next to me in class so i asked you for some (:
Although we were super quiet back then, you've gotta admit i'm more talkative than you :P
Amanda and i have the guts to ask you your name but you were mumbling to yourself xD
Anyhow, we managed to know you and your NAME xP And we started to become best friends eversince :D
Growing up together from kindergarden to primary sch and now high sch (:
Who knows? Maybe one day i'll bump into you in Aussie or anywhere else (:
God will always find a way to reunite us again (':
Thank you for everything my bestest and longest friend :D
I'll definitely rmb you always (:

Yours truly,
val val YEOH <3

Thursday, March 4, 2010

FML ==





FML ==

val val YEOH